Finance Plus, a new StaticWeb Product

A Fully Managed Digital Presence for Financial Professionals

A digital presence is important for all modern businesses of any size, especially because of the recent epidemic that closed down most of the modern world from in person options. So what makes up a digital presence? A digital presence is everything from your domain name, website, branding, directory listings, seo, social media and beyond.

With our service, you get a partner in your digital presence without the added bills. Most platforms charge a hosting/platform fee and any additional support is at your own cost or time – not with us. You can pick up the phone and reach a real person, not an automated system or limited overseas customer support line. If you have a question about reaching more online prospects, pick up the phone and give us a call. Would you like to post something on social media but you are unsure of hashtags and graphics, send us an email or slack. Would you like to update your business card or letterhead, no problem we are here to help. Read on to learn more about Finance Plus options and tier benefits.

Finance Plus is a one cost solution with 2 tiers of pricing to fit your budget. All websites are uber secure, blazingly fast, and include various backups for at least a 1 year period.

All plans include cloud hosting, a website, debugging & maintenance, site analytics, & weekly blog post updates. Not to mention the websites are compliant with SEC/FINRA regulations with backups.

Our Managed plan ($129/month) includes unlimited updates to your website & premium support. This is a great plan for those that anticipate lots of new pages, dev requests, and desire marketing/seo consulting and a monthly video conference.

The Managed Plus plan ($249/month) is all encompassing with accessibility support, extra content creation (we craft new pages, social media content, etc) and SEO.


How to get started?

The onboarding process is a brief 30 minute video conference where we gain access to your existing website (if any) & your domain name. We then discuss the next steps of transitioning to our platform which can take as little as 48 hours. Part of the onboarding process also includes determining your compliance authority, your authorized employees, and any marketing/growth goals you have.

Let us handle your digital presence for you so you can focus on growing your clients and managing assets. We look forward to working with you and your team.

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