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Finance Plus, a new StaticWeb Product

A Fully Managed Digital Presence for Financial Professionals A digital presence is important for all modern businesses of any size, especially because of the recent epidemic that closed down most of the modern world from in person options. So what makes up a digital presence? A digital presence is everything from your domain name, website, […]

StaticWeb Hosting, What Sets Us Apart?

As a group of long time software developers, we have long hoped for an affordable, fast & secure hosting option for our WordPress environments. With the continued improvements to the Google algorithm, we decided to set about making one that would hit on all these aspects and help bring positive change to the environment. We […]

StaticWeb 2021 & Beyond

StaticWeb has been a long running project that is now seeing the light of day. We have been beta testing multiple accounts on our cloud servers with great success. With our continued growth we are opening up our offering to more and more people and we look forward to all the attention. What is StaticWeb? […]