Premium Support

for Finance Plus Clients


What is premium support for Finance Plus?
With our managed products, certain tiers have something called "premium support" and you may be asking yourself what that encompasses, so we made some content for that.

Basic accounts have general support, which is support regarding their account and products. For example: if you have an issue with billing, the website is down, or you found a bug with the website and need a repair. For Finance Plus clients on the basic tier, it also includes back-ups for audits.

Premium support on Managed & Managed Plus account include basic support and adds in another tier, let's call it "ask me anything." Here are some examples:
  • Why isn't my website generating leads?
  • What can I do to improve seo?
  • How can I spend my marketing time more effectively?
Managed & Managed Plus plans also include a monthly 30 minute video conference session (if desired). Before we forget, it includes slack access too!

We provide real human support + a bit of consulting wrapped in there - even if it's something not included in your contract, we know who can steer you in the right direction. In our humble opinion (*cough *cough), it is worth the bump to managed level tiers alone not to mention the many other benefits for your specific product.

What are you waiting for?